My Skincare Routine with Lucia Magnani*

Since the last blog post I wrote about Lucia Magnani Skincare which you should read here first, I have been trying out their products to see what I thought about them myself. I have upgraded from a high street moisturiser to a luxurious high end day cream and I wanted to see if I could see a difference.

The three products I have been using are the Daily Firming Hydrator, Rejuvenating Eye Cream and Retexturing Radiance Mask. Not only have I been testing them out, I also gave them some to my Mum to try so we could see results on different types of skin.

Let's start with the eye cream, after using this product for a couple of days. I noticed my eyes felt more refreshed in the morning. The texture is cold and soft so when you apply it, you instantly feel like it is hydrating your under eyes. I have a booklet with some information about the products which recommended applying under the eyes near the corner and also on the brow bone. I have never applied my eye cream here before. I am almost 20 years old and my skin is still young so I don't have wrinkles yet. But I actually found out that it's better to start using Anti-Aging products now to benefit yourself in the future. 

I have been using the Daily Firming Hydrator and noticed that my skin is feeling a lot softer than usual. By a lot, I mean extremely! I've spent the past couple of days asking everyone to feel my cheeks because I can't get over it. I think it's a mix of using the day cream and the Retexturing Radiance Mask (I use this 3 times a week). I love it as it definitely makes my makeup look nice when you have a good base. 

My Mum has also been loving the products. She said she has stopped having break outs and pesky spots and her skin is so much clearer. I think her skin is glowing and looks a lot younger. You 'Maintain beautiful, youthful skin and diminish the appearance of damage'.

Overall, I am very happy with the results and have started to feel confident wearing less to no makeup at all recently. I am going to continue using these products and hopefully try out some more from Lucia Magnani in the future! 

You can find Lucia Magnani in Harvey Nichols Manchester and soon to be Harvey Nichols Edinburgh! 

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