Last Updated: 27/01/2019

All content on my blog is written by me and gives you my own honest opinion. All photos on my blog/social media are of me or taken by me, if a photo is another persons property, I will state this and credit the image with a link. If you do not want your photo on my blog I will be happy to remove it from the site. 

The following disclaimers will be used on my blog and across all of my social media's:

Paid advertisement: #AD
I will use this hashtag at the beginning of a post if I am involved in a campaign with a brand that has paid me (whether that is in money or with an experience, trip or product) and has control over what I post. For example, I have been asked to use a certain hashtag, key message or follow a brief. However, I will only work with a brand if I genuinely like their ethos, company and products. And only promote something if I have tried/used it myself. 

If I am promoting my own product. For example, merchandise or an event I am hosting. I will also use the #AD.

Gifting: #GIFT
I will use these hashtags if something has been gifted to me with no control over what I post or any obligation to share. Usually these are sent out of the blue or I have been told about it beforehand. I am not required to post anything about these gifts and will only do so if I want to and can give my own honest opinion. 

Affiliate Link: #AFFLINK
An affiliate link is a special URL that tracks traffic and purchases from using that link. I sometimes use RewardStyle or ShopStyle when sharing products to monetize them. It can only be a small amount of money at times but it is still a way of making an income for recommending an item. 

If I have bought something from a brand I have worked with in the past. I will clearly state that I have paid for the product myself but had a some form of relationship with the brand in the past year.

For further information and for a copy of my media kit, email me at:

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