A Weekend away at Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange

If you are a follower of my Instagram or YouTube you might have seen that I spent the weekend away at the newly opened Roomzzz Aparthotel at Manchester Corn Exchange. The team had a really fun weekend planned for us which was a surprise until we arrived. I spent two days in a beautiful place, in my favourite city and was able to share it with my boyfriend, which made it even better. So I thought I would write about what we got up to...

We checked in to the 'Shilling Suite' which was on the top floor (and had some cool views of Manchester!). The room was split in to three separate spaces. The bedroom - the sun was shining right through on to the double bed that was placed perfectly in front of the TV so we could spend our evening eat pizza and watching Take Me Out. They also left us both personalised bath robes and matching slippers which I love!
In our itinerary, they planned for me to get my hair done by Blow Ltd. They used the dressing area in the bedroom to set up the hair equipment and beautifully styled and curled my hair - it was perfect for our evening. We also had planned a few cocktails at the restaurant, Banyan, which is right next to the hotel room in the Corn Exchange. This would be perfect for anyone planning a girls night out. 
The second section is the bathroom which had a shower as well as a bath and they kindly left a bath bomb for a pamper evening. And face masks! One for me and one for Ben which I can tell you we 100% used. You can also find a body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and cleansing gel which is handy if you don't want to take your own full sized products.
One thing I love about Aparthotels that normal hotels don't have - a kitchen! This is really handy if you want to make your own food. In the evening, we ordered take away pizza from Salvi's to our room. But in the morning we made our own pancakes for breakfast. They even left my all time favourite - avocado! There is also a complimentary Grab & Go breakfast which includes hot drinks, juice, pastries (which were warm and delicious!) and fruit. 

We then ended our stay with a PT session from Tuomas, which was amazing! Who knew a hotel room would even have enough space for a quick workout session?! In the photo you can see Ben just killing the plank, I'm pretty sure he held it for over 2 minutes 30 seconds and I would have died after the first few seconds. 

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at Roomzzz, the apartments are beautifully designed and it feels like a 'home away from home'. I would say it is located in the best place in Manchester as it is surrounded by pretty much everything - a shopping centre, plently of food places, a cinema, a museum - the list could go on! I'd love to stay at Roomzzz again, you can find them in Leeds, Chester, Nottingham and Newcastle. I think another weekend break is needed :)

Thank you for having us Roomzzz!

laurie-elle x
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