BEST APP: Make your iPhone pretty without Jailbreaking it!

I found this app and I am in love! You can make your iPhone pretty and cool without having to jailbreak it! Whoever made this app is clearly a genius!
Read on more and I will show you how to do this...

First of all download the app Cocoppa
It is completely free!

You will have to Sign Up for you to start, then once you have
you get the options to find wallpapers and icons.. and stamps
but im not sure of what they are!

For wallpapers you just click on the wallpaper you want and then 'save image'
For icons click the icon you would like then press
'Set up link'
You can choose from Phone Number, Mail, Message and URL
If you would like to do an app like Blogger, Instagram or Facebook you go on app search and search the app you would like then click on it!

I chose to choose Blogger, I searched and clicked then this came up (picture on the left)
You can choose whether you would like to add gloss or not then click Ok
Also click Yes again and it would transfer you to safari!

Click Add To Home Screen and...

YOU ARE DONE! It creates a shortcut using that icon. Its pretty smart if you ask me! 
Comment below any apps you love and if youve downloaded this one too!

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