Q1- Whats your favourite colour?
A- Pink and Purple

Q2- Whats your favourite country youve been to?
A- Ive only every been out of the country once, I went to Germany for Urban Dance Camp, Ill make a seperate blog post on this!

Q3- When did you start dancing?
A- I started Ballet and Tap when I was 3-7 years then Disco when I was 7-10 and Street/Hiphop from 11 years :D

Q4- Do you like drawing?
A- I wish I could draw! I would do it all day

Q5- What camera/phone do you use for gifs on Gifboom?
A- My iphone 4s

Q6- What camera do you use for Instagram photos?
A- My iPhone or Fujifilm HS20 Finepix EXR

Q7- Whats GCSES are you taking?
A- Double Science, Literature, English Language, Spanish, Maths, Statistics, History, Dance. Yes, I hate school at the moment.

Q8- What couldnt you live without?
A- Dance, Family, Food and my Phone!

Q9- Favourite Gifboomer?
A- I dont have one!

Q10- Favourite Instagramer?
A- I love all the instagrams with pretty themes like cath kidston and white backgrounds, etc.

Q11- Favourite Youtubers?
A- Sam Pepper, Zoella, Casper Lee
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