Ive saw these a lot lately so I thought I'd try it myself! I bought 3 jars from asda for £3.75, they come in a packet all together. It didnt make sense as one jar was £3 on its own... Of course I was going to buy three! I decorated the front using fabric swatches as a label and really pretty stickers from accesorize!

This first jar is the 2013 Memory Jar, Everytime I do something or have a memory to save I will write it on a piece of paper with the date and put it inside. By the time 2013 is over hopefully it will be full and I can make a youtube video/ blog post sharing my memorys? Its a really nice way to save memorys and look back at them!

I always find it hard to save my money, I end up keeping it in my pocket and spending it on schools cupcakes or a chocolate bar. I thought if this was in my bedroom maybe I will find it easier to put my spare change inside and hopefully save a lot! 

As you can see I have only used 2 jars, Im uncertain of what to do with my third jar. Feel free to comment any ideas below!

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