My First Time In Los Angeles!


If you're following me on social media already, you will know that I am now in Los Angeles for two months. I flew here on the 5th September from Manchester Airport. I'm just here on holiday, starting my trip doing all the tourist-y things and trying out all the American food. But I'm also going to be vlogging my days here and posting so many cool photo's on my Instagram.

So far it's been an amazing trip. We have visited the Hollywood Sign, Walk Of Fame, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, the TikTok HQ, Santa Monica, Venice Beach. And most importantly, I have taken class at Playground LA dance studios (and was selected in my first classes, hopefully videos to come!). 

There's so much more for us to do. Follow my trip on YouTube and social media. I'll try my best to keep you all updated! 

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