Greys Anatomy Art Exhibit

I am counting down the days until Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy airs, it is my favourite TV series ever. I don't fangirl about much anymore, but when it comes to Grey's... I can't help myself! That's why I screamed a little when I was sat in Starbucks scrolling through Instagram and found out that there was a Grey's Anatomy Art Exhibit at THNK 1994 in Los Angeles. 


The museum teamed up with Popsugar to host an Instagram, fangirl worthy opportunity that I couldn't miss out on. Some of my favourites included the neon 'You're my person' sign, a life-size model of McSteamy, the post-it note that Derek and Meredith wrote together (the tears are running as I type) and the paintings of some of my favourite scenes and least favourite (The Plane Crash episode made me cry the most). 

Now I feel like they should really open a place named the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle where people can visit and see a museum exhibit all year round... I would totally go!

What is your favourite TV show? 

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