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...Drive! There's a lot of things I'm learning to do this year. And one of them is driving. I wanted to write a little post about my experience so far with PassMeFast who have courses in Manchester and all over the North of England.

Being 19 and still not able to drive, I'm feeling really eager to learn as quickly as I can. Now that I am working it would be life-changing to be able to have my own car. I could arrive to meetings without looking windswept or a drowned rat from the rain - defo not a good look! 

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PassMeFast have a range of semi-intensive and intensive driving courses.  If you have enough time, you can opt for the full intensive course - this means that you do several hours every day with your instructor and can pass very quickly. Or you can do the semi-intensive course which is what I am doing, this is around 2-5 hours and spread out over a few weeks. So you can still pass quicker than traditional lessons. You can find out more about which course is best for you by clicking here.

I've already had a couple of lessons with my instructor, Frank. After feeling a bit nervous to begin with, I'm actually really excited to learn. I think the most important thing is confidence and being driven (yep I just used a pun). If you really want to drive, then you can! Frank is a great tutor, he's always asking me questions too so I'm not only being told what to do, but I understand what I am doing. 


I have my theory test coming up in a few weeks, make sure you're following me on my social media to keep up with my journey and see how I am going! If you're in the North of England, I would recommend checking out PassMeFast

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