Hotel Gotham Manchester - Review

One hotel in Manchester that has always stood out to me is Hotel Gotham, rated 5 stars and located on King Street in a building which once was a former bank. Last year I attended an event at the hotel's very own, Club Brass. But I really wanted to stay over as it looked amazing, so I finally did...

The decor in the room (and all around the building) is beautiful and quirky. On the dressing table I noticed the collection of books, including Alexa Chung and The Great Gatsby. They have their very own 'Gotham Bugle' newspaper to add to the theme. I really loved the hanging mirror above the table, I wish I could have one in my room!

A TV was positioned right at the end of the bed which was perfect for chilling out in the evening, or for watching football *cough* Ben *cough*. The bed was cosy, especially with the faux fur throw. I had a good nights sleep. Although, we were waken by a false fire alarm early in the morning which was a bit annoying.

Just in front of the bed, there was a seating area and more decorative bits like a pair of binoculars. I loved the huge windows in the room and the view of Manchester. Especially when I was taking my outfit photos, you can read my Monsoon blog post here (all of my photo's were taken in the hotel room!). 

The bathroom was lovely and out of all of the hotels I have stayed in - it had the best shower, it was like a waterfall. It was also equipped with everything you might need and even two white robes on the back of the door.

Lastly, the room also came with a mini-bar with a wide range of options. And even some bat man biscuits - I love the little touches like that! I also just remembered that you can also find an umbrella, hair dryer and a little swag bag in the dresser incase you want to buy anything to take home. 

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