Winter Blues...

During the transition from Summer to Winter, I've noticed a change in my mood. I 100% start to feel seasonal blues during the colder times because who doesn't miss the freedom of Summer and the beautiful weather?

Waking up to sunshine is one of my biggest motivators. I start the day feeling great and wanting to be productive. You don't really get the same effect when you're waking up and it's still pitch black outside and your bed is far more cosy and comfy.

Now that I am working on my blog and social media full time it is important that I find ways to fight the Winter blues and get 'stuff' done. Some of my favourite ways to do this is by listening to music in the morning. Getting ready to your favourite music instantly brightens your mood, no one can argue with me on this one! In fact, I have my spotify playlist on right now. The only time it can be a problem is when I get distracted and start to dance instead...

I also love taking time to myself to pamper and look after my body. Changing the foods I eat to make sure I get enough nutrition and vitamins to give me energy and drinking water to stay hydrated. At the end of the day, it's relaxing to sit in bed with a cup of green tea, a candle lit and a face mask. I received a package from Jet2 which included all these goodies to treat myself for the evening.

Another way to get rid of seasonal blues is by really getting in the festive spirit! This is the time of halloween, bonfire night, Christmas and New Years! I've been watching YouTube videos at the moment to find different ways to decorate my room to make it feel cosy and festive.

The last option, if you really can't overcome the lows of Winter. You could stalk the Jet2 Holidays website and book a flight to a country with much better weather for a week or two!

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