Everyday Makeup Routine

I uploaded a makeup tutorial on YouTube showing one of my everyday makeup look's using my favourite products. You can watch it here to see what the products look like on and how I apply. I also thought I would create a blog post with a little more information about my favourite products and where you can buy them.

I used my very own makeup products in this tutorial. I have a Face Palette for £14.99 which includes three of my favourites face products - a bronzer, blusher and highlighter. The bronzer is matte and creates a gorgeous tan and definition to your face. I also chose a matte rosy pink blusher which is super pigmented and a soft texture. The highlighter is my ultimate favourite as it really stands out and creates the perfect glow. All three products are an amazing quality and look great on all skins (and they're vegan and cruelty free!). 

On my lips, I used my nourishing liquid lipstick which is £9.99. Deciding what shade I wanted was really easy because I look nude matte lipsticks, with the tones edging towards the dark purple side. It dries quickly on the lip but is also light weight so it doesn't feel like you have a lot of product on. It's also really pigmented and easy to apply. I love the shape of the brush, I usually find it difficult to apply lipstick but this made it easier! You can also buy both products in the 'Awesome Bundle' for £19.99!

Make sure you pre-order from my collection NOW from BeautyCrush.com they're limited edition! 

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