Top tips for creating video for your social media*

Last year, one of the most asked questions to hit my inbox were those around creating video content. So I thought I would share a few tips to answer these questions for you.

I started sharing videos years ago, when I was about 11, they were filmed on a rubbish camera and I used to use free editing software. (These vid’s are now hidden and not for public view, they are seriously cringe!) I also used to make little edits for Gifboom! Anyone remember those days? This is where I discovered my love for video editing; I really am such a geek! But that’s kind of cool.

I now share video content on YouTube, and also create bits for my social media accounts on Instagram,, snapchat and Twitter


1 // LIGHTING - It’s so important to make sure you video is lit well, if you haven’t got your own lighting yet (I didn’t when I started out) I would make sure you film where you can make best use of the natural light. It makes the quality look better which encourages people to view your video.

2 // BRANDING - My second tip would be to think about your style and branding and create content to represent yourself, this will help people recognise that it is you. It is good to choose a style that you like and not one that is popular for someone else, this makes it easier and more fun when creating content too.

3 // ENGAGEMENT, AUTOPLAY, VIDEO LENGTHMy last tip would be to check out this great infographic that shares 'Pro Tips for Creating Video for Social Media' it is made by the creative team at Toast TV who specalise in video production in London. (Click the infographic to make it bigger)

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