I've been writing my list of goals on my blog since New Year 2014 and now I feel like it would be weird to not do it. 2016 was a really good year for me, I feel like I was the happiest I've been in ages and there were a lot of good changes! I found it difficult to think of some goals for the first time in a while but here are some I am going for...
A list of my favourite moments in 2016: Leaving college with a A and 3 B's, starting full-time dance training, my 18th birthday and my friends, getting my first speaking role on a TV-show, private tour of the Vogue 100 exhibition with Alexandra Shulman, working with some of my favourite brands like JD Sports, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Public Desire, Soap & Glory and Mac Cosmetics, I posted my first dance videos, reaching 200,000 followers on musical.ly, 300,000+ views on YouTube and I think I'm finally over my shyness!

M Y  G O A L S  F O R  2 0 1 7 

1 // TIME MANAGEMENT - I want to make sure that I manage my time wisely and use it to be productive rather than sitting and watching YouTube. I have uni 9 - 5 everyday and use my weekends to work so I want to make sure that all the time is used to do something worth while. I also take hours to write blog posts and essays because I get distracted easily, I need to change that haha.

2 // SPEND LESS TIME ON THE INTERNET - I feel like I need a social media detox this year. My life is literally on the internet, but I found that this year I spent a lot of time just sat on Instagram and Twitter refreshing feeds getting really bored or scrolling through pages and comparing myself to others (which is the worst thing you can do). So I want to start taking breaks by scheduling posts. I started to leave my phone at home when going out at the end of this year or switching it off whilst I was out with friends so I wouldn't constantly have my head in it.

3 // THE LITTLE THINGS - I want to learn how to drive, get braces, go travelling, go on road trips, learn how to roller skate (I was watching a music video and it looks cool so now it's a goal), reach 500,000 followers on musical.ly, reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, learn all the Ballet French terminology (I just jump around in class and hope for the best), stretch everyday (this is hard not to dance when I dance everyday but still).

There is actually probably a lot more than this, I seem to add to my list throughout the year once I've started to tick some off. What's one of your goals for this year?

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