This week I tried out the Madame LA LA fake tan which is now stocked in Superdrug. I've tried out a couple of fake tans in my life time and struggled to find one that met my standards (I am super fussy when it comes to beauty things). But all was good when I woke up the next morning to the perfect tan on my legs. Here's what I thought...

The Madame LA LA tan is a tinted mousse that develops in to a gorgeous, LA inspired tan after 3 hours. It is infused with hydrating skincare benefits such as: Coco Water, Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E and skin finishing perfectors. I am trying out the "Light' bottle which is designer for people with paler skin like me.

When it comes to fake tanning I like it look as natural as possible. The 'Wotsit' look is not my thing and I have a fear of becoming patchy and never wanting to leave the house. So before applying the tan, I made sure I exfoliated and moisturised, especially in areas where my skin is most dry. Then using a mitt I rubbed in the mousse on my legs, for the review I decided to just use the tan on my legs so I could compare against my arms in the morning. The mousse blended in really easily which made me feel confident that I wasn't going to wake up patchy.

I don't know about anyone else, but after I've tanned I get so excited to check the outcome in the morning. And with Madame LA LA I was so impressed! I didn't have one streaky patchy or any dark orange tones near my ankle and knees (this is one of my biggest pet peeves). The photography above shows the comparison of my lovely leg colour and my skin tone before the tan on my arms. You can really see the sunkissed look it has given my skin without it being too obvious that it is fake.

 I'm now a huge fan of Madame LA LA as it's one of the best tanning results I've had in a while. It's also worth mentioning that it smelt really nice, it has a coconutty scent rather than the usual biscuitty smell. Now it's time for me to get brave and try it all over my body!

You can buy the tan from your nearest Superdrug or click here 

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