The GHD Platinum styler have been on my wish-list for a while now so when I got the chance to get my hair done by the stylists at GHD I jumped at the chance (getting your hair done my someone else is always better than doing it yourself). I was also gifted the GHD Azores Collection Stylers in the colour 'Serene Pearl' which are very aesthetically pleasing, the shimmering colour is stunning, and I am very thankful that I got these! This meant that I was able to test out the stylers in my own home and attempt to recreate looks to the stylists do, so here's my mini review...

First of all I went to Selfridges where they had a little set-up for people to come down and get their hair styled by the GHD stylists. The guy that did my hair talked me through the GHD Platinum styler and then gave me these gorgeous waves (second image). I am still trying to get these messy waves similar to his as they are far more better than the ones that I do. I love how it only took about 15 minutes to get a fab hair style.

I then took a pair of the stylers home from the GHD Azores Collection, which is the GHD platinum in three new limited edition colours (they are currently in the sale here). I have been using the styler for a month now and I 100% couldn't live without it, it has made doing to my hair every morning so much easier and quicker. I love that I can make numerous looks such as the messy waves, curls (as pictured above) and also straighten it! It also makes my hair shinier and look really healthy because inside the plates are three sensors that maintain the optimum styling temperature which reduces breakage by 50% and increases the shine by 20% as stated by GHD!

Overall, I haven't had any faults with these yet, I love the versatility I can have with my hair and just one styler so I would definitely give these a 10/10!

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