I'm a lover of lists and autumnal things. And the word autumnal - it just flows off the tongue perfectly! So I decided to create a list of my stereotypical essentials for this season. You are bound to feel the mood after reading this. 
  1. A Long Soft Scarf
  2. Oversized Jumper/Sweater
  3. Cute Boots
  4. Fluffy Socks
  5. A Big Umbrella
  6. Cosy Blankets
  7. Cinnamon Candles
  8. Interesting Books
  9. TV Box Sets and Movies
  10. Hot Drinks, Cappucinos and Pumpkin Spiced Latte's
  11. Dark Lips
  12. Rosy Cheeks
  13. Bobble Hat
  14. Touch-Screen Gloves

Are you feeling autumnal yet?

laurie-elle x
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