Soap & Glory's Christmas 2015 Collection is here and stocked in your local boots waiting for you. Soap & Glory is a bloggers favourite and a renowned British beauty brand for their pink, yummy-smelling and effective bath/beauty products. I visited the Botanist in Manchester to take a peak at their gift sets whilst sipping on a tasty orange juice (there's only a year left until I can take the champagne). This year there is an exciting number of 26 sets in the range and some Limited Edition products such as 'The Perfect Ten' Eye-Shadow Palette - the colours are gorgeous and wearable so get your hands on it before it goes!

The packaging of the gift sets stand out to me - they're are always the most exciting looking and creative! The 'Kissmass Cracker' is a perfect, little stocking filler featuring the popular Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss and you can also get your hands on a big bauble stuffed with treats (Belle Of The Ball). Although, I don't recommend putting it on your tree, unless to lopsided look is what you're going for.

Some of the bestsellers include: Winter Wonderhand - containing their Hand Food Hand Cream in three different scents, Once Upon a Lime - a (hat) box with a mini body wash, scrub, buttercream and hand cream, Perfect Scents - this contains their signature scent in a hand cream, hand wash and reed diffuser, The Wheel Deal - this quirky box sticks to their vintage theme with five of their body creams and butters, Eyes Box - this is a personal favourite of mine as it includes their bestselling mascara, eyeliners and brown pencil and lastly, they have the Soaper Star - a mahooosive box full of their award-winning posse. 

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