This week I visited the Beauty Hall at the Selfridges Exchange in Manchester where I tried out and learnt a lot about the new special service: Selfridges Beauty Personal Shopper. This is something that is only 5 weeks old so you may have never heard about it! But fear not, I am going to go through the ins and outs of the personal shopper and why I think it's a pretty amazing complementary service!

 The Selfridges Beauty Personal Shopper is a fantastic new complementary service currently available at the Manchester Selfridges store. You can find a small room hidden in the back of the Beauty Hall that is beautifully decorated and inviting . I met Charlotte Ingram, who is the personal shopper and is the person that runs around the shops for your products, gives you advice and many more things! She is lovely and really made me feel at ease when asking questions and discussing beauty! 

Whether you go to get an unbiased opinion on what you should buy and some advise for your skincare routine or maybe you're a little less confident and don't want to be testing out makeup openly on the shop floor. There is something for everyone. Charlotte was telling me how she gets teenagers who need a little help, women who want the latest products, men who are Christmas shopping, men who are shopping for themselves, women who can comfortably take off their hijab,  people who want to learn how to use the products correctly, brides and bridesmaids. My list could go on as the uses are endless! 

I felt exceptionally comfortable discussing my makeup mishaps and learnt that I should be focusing on my skincare at the moment. It was easy to talk and I didn't feel pressured to buy anything. However, I was so happy with the service and knowledge Charlotte shared that I did walk out with a new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, a brand I never would've thought to go to but was advised would be perfect for my dry skin.

Did I mention that this service is for free? You can book appointments by ringing 0161 838 0610 or by speaking to Charlotte through the Selfridges Instagram account: @Selfridges_Beauty. You can also pre-order and get your name on a list before anyone else for new product releases. Couldn't get your hands on the last Mac Limited Edition Collection? Then don't miss out the second time!   

Is this something you would try out?

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