HEY GUYS! I'm back again with another giveaway, this time it's international! It is 'Back To School' themed. I've teamed up with Knock Knock Stationery and Tough Cookies Education to provide a mini giveaway to give one of my lucky readers some stationery and beauty goodies. Including some funny sticky notes, a keyboard pad to keep you organised, a sassy notebook for your blogging notes, some pretty Tumblr-looking pencils and more! This is to keep you motivated and organised for the rest of the school, college, uni, work - whatever you are doing - year. Enter using the raffle below! You can also get 20% off anything on Knock Knock, by using the code 'LAURIE20' use it whilst you can!

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  • If you're not doing the above then your entry will be removed (sorry but we have to say Thank You somehow!)
  • Good Luck

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  1. Thank you for the chance to win! I LOVE the notebook with the phrase, "Bad decisions make good stories"

    Story of my life! Haha :-)

  2. Lists! I am a complete list freak xx

  3. I get motivted by planning my day before I sleep!

  4. Funny podcasts and list pads - I love making lists! x

  5. This giveaway is so pretty. Cute stationary always keeps me motivated and inspired to work. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  6. Having a good music playlist to listen too! :)

  7. People complimenting my writing spurs me on!


  8. Knowing that what I do implements strongly on my children

  9. my children keep me motivated

  10. the weekend keeps me motivated :P

  11. Listening to my favourite music! But if I have to concentrate really hard, I just usually eat some candy.

  12. Getting good grades keeps me motivated! May sound weird but when I get a high grade it's like I want more so yeah! It just motivates to keep getting better and better!

  13. The possibility of having five minutes to myself at the end of the work :)

  14. super cute stationary keeps me motivated to do work. I love your blog and your youtube channel and I really hope to win! Love you so much XOXOXOXOXO

  15. listening to some good music xx

  16. I've always been very goal-oriented, so having a definite end point to work towards really motivates me. :D

  17. What keeps me motivated to do my work?
    I don't know.
    Tbh I am a lazy person. But sometimes I am in kind of a spree and I plan tons of things which I complet in less an hour.
    But I love to watch YouTube videos from the British you tubers like zoella, pointlessblog etc and I try to be a good person, to think happy because of them. So they are kind of a motivation for me.
    I pass my driving licence in just one month because of Alfie :)

    But yeah.. thank you for your great Giveaway! I love to make lists and plan my day/ week
    This stationery is just awesome ❤

  18. I would say getting good grades makes me wanna study even more and more because in the end I feel very proud of myself lol :D But I also try to buy cute stationary like notebooks with inspirational quotes or with super cute patterns & doodles. Using them moivates me very much :D xx


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