The blogger Twitter chat's are my favourite way to interact with other bloggers, learn new blogging tips and share my new posts! The number of chats are increasing and I'm starting to lose count so I decided to write down a schedule in my notebook; which is now being shared on my blog so it can be useful to you! Sorry if I miss any chats out but so far: here is the Blogger Twitter Chat Schedule...

As you can see, this list is pretty big. If you don't know the ins and outs of the bloggers chats. At certain times, different chats are hosted for different types of bloggers. For example, on Wednesdays there is a Lifestyle Bloggers Chat at 7-8pm. This means at this time, if you search the hashtag #LBloggers you will see different questions and discussion between bloggers. Usually at the last 5 minutes of the chat, you share links with each other. This is the best way to find new bloggers and let new readers find you. 

#BDIB - Blogs Do It Best // 7-8pm
#FBloggers - Fashion Bloggers // 8-9pm

#BookBloggers - Book Bloggers // 7-8pm
#FBLChat - Fashion, Beauty Lifestyle Bloggers // 8-9pm

#LBloggers - Lifestyle Bloggers // 7-8pm
#BBloggers - Beauty Bloggers // 8-9pm

#CrazyBloggers - Crazy Bloggers // 7-8pm 
#FBloggers - Fashion Bloggers // 8-9pm
#FDBloggers - Food Bloggers // 8-9pm
#CBloggers - Creative Bloggers // 8.30-9.30pm
#CFBloggers - Cruelty-Free Bloggers // 9-10pm
#BlogPhotoChat - All bloggers // 9-10pm

#BDIB - Blogs Do It Best // 8-9pm
#MBlogChat - Mummy Bloggers // 8-9pm
#BeautyChat - Beauty Talk with all Bloggers // 7-8pm

#TBloggers - Teen Bloggers // 8-9pm

#LBloggers - Lifestyle Bloggers // 7-8pm
#BBloggers - Beauty Bloggers // 8-9pm

Did you know there was this many Twitter chats hosted? If I've missed any, let me know!

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