I don't know about you, but I get blogger block at least once a month. There's always that one week where I have no idea what I want to write about. To help me on these days I turn to Social Media. This post is going to go through some tips and tricks on how to use Social Media to get ideas for blog posts...
How Social Media Can Inspire Blog Post Ideas

ASK YOUR AUDIENCE - This is probably the first thing you might do, since these are the guys that will be reading the posts. Why not ask them what they would like to see in the future? I usually ask on my Instagram captions, Tweets, Snapchat Story, Facebook. We can easily talk to our audience so use it!

SNOOP ON PINTEREST & TUMBLR - This is my personal favourite. These two websites are perfect for creating moodboards which is the best source of inspiration! Whether you're a fashion blogger finding outfit inspiration or a lifestyle blogger finding a list of blog post ideas like this one here

READ MAGAZINE ARTICLES - Magazines are just like blogs. In fact, most magazines have now gone digital. When reading you could question: would this interest my reader? I also wouldn't say to copy the article, that would be stealing! But inspiration is always about getting ideas and different points of views from a certain topic. Everybody gets inspiration from somewhere else. Some websites you might like to read: Company, Elle, Net-A-Porter and Buzz Feed.

JOIN IN THE TWITTER CHATS - If you didn't know already, every week multiple twitter chats are hosted. These chats are done to talk to other bloggers and discuss different topics. A great way to get ideas! For example, one week we discussed Feminism. A lot of people really enjoyed my views on it and loved to read a blog post. If you would like me to create a Twitter chat schedule - let me know!

FIND TRENDING TOPICS - Looking at popular trends could help spark a blog idea, it's easy to find a topic to create discussions, make a list, state your opinions or simply write a report. Trendsmap and Google Trends are also websites where you can find the latest trends.

READ YOUR BLOG COMMENTS - When in doubt, go back to all of your old blog posts and read your comments. Reading positive comments could inspire you. You could find which blog posts worked well, which didn't do so good?

What is your favourite way to find inspiration?

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