The post man dropped off a big box and when my mum asked "Are you expecting shoes? I didn't know that" well, neither did I! The lovely Sole Affair* surprised me by sending me these gorgeous chunky boots! I love them! They are perfect for the summer, white trend. Here's what I styled them with... 

Sole Affair surprised me with these stunning boots that I think are perfect for summer! They are really my style as I hate sandals and flip flops so I can only really wear trainers or boots which are usually too chunky for the weather. But these are perfect because they mix with both. They are also so comfy so thank you! I styled them with this dress from Topshop which is a high neck with mesh insterts which makes it more edgy. I also added some rings to my fingers from Lyla Loves, because they're my faves!

Dress // Topshop Mesh Insert Skater Dress - £36
Shoes // Sole Affair White Darcie Chunky Boots £24.95*
Rings // Lyla Loves Ring Set £3

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  1. Wow You look amazing! I really like this dress. It's so cool and cute. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. LOVEE this outfit!! Photos are great and the outfit together looks so cool and futuristic:)
    p.s. thank you for the comment on my blog, blogger won't let me reply for some reason

    Emily x

  3. Amazing casual dress. Ideal for daily wear due to its sober look and comfort. Good Dress! The Flash Jacket


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