Pinterest is my new obsession! I can't stop pinning and then looking for clothes similar. Or pinning and trying out new DIY's (even though I am completely rubbish at those sort of things). Here are some moodboards of inspiration...

 I recently joined Pinterest, at first I didn't quite understand it, as I find it really similar to Tumblr and I've been using that for longer - but it's grown on me! I'm kind of addicted to it, I love using it to get inspiration for outfits, hairstyles, room deco, makeup. I also love getting ideas for my Instagram photos. I decided to put some Fashion photos together that can inspire me. As you can see, I love anything simplistic, I'm a big minimalist. If you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, I've linked it here.

Do you use Pinterest? Let me know in the comments - I'd love to follow some of you! (I'm only following 10 people haha)

* after re-reading this post I realised it looks like it says I'm only going to follow 10 people - but I mean that I'm only following 10 people at the moment so I want to follow more. I really should proof read. Learn from my mistakes kids :')

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