On Halloween Day, I went around to take photographs for college around the centre of Manchester but I decided to share some of them on here too. I indulged a Red Velvet Vanilla Devil cupcake and Gingerbread Latte from Hey Little Cupcake in Spinningfields. It was delicious and the cafe looks so pretty and beautiful. Everything was instagrammable! I can't wait to go again. 

I found the eyes on the wall hilarious, I love it when people do things like that! I also gave my little brother Remi, my old camera so he could take pictures too and when I asked him if he liked it he said "Yes.... Especially with you" he can be a cutie sometimes! I found some Graffiti in the Northern Quarter and a man kindly let me in his wood/furniture factory so I could take photos which was cool. The stack of newspapers in Chinatown fascinated me too, they was just randomly on the floor in the middle of nowhere. The last photo was taken in the new Manchester Central Library, the architecture in there is stunning!
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