I bought this press on manicure set because I am extremely lazy and when I left school and said "Yay, now I can paint my nails everyday" I was lying. The effort of painting your nails and then chipping them so you have to do it again is too much. I decided to go for these instead and I am really impressed with them! These were £7.99 from Boots

They look amazing! All you have to do is peel off the sticky back and press them on. I even have some left so I probably could get another round out of these. I cut and filed them down myself because I felt they were too long for me and I only really like the natural-looking nails. These nails have lasted me a really long time, I took them off after 5 days but they could've been on for longer. Bonus, they didn't damage my real nails! Love these and will be purchasing them again!
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