Although I have been trying to keep my skin as clear and healthy as possible, those pesky spots pop up whenever they want to and it's hard to get rid of them completely! I decided the try out the Simple Spotless Rapid Action Spot Zapper which is reduced in Superdrug for £3.66!

I have found that it is perfect my skin - the chemicals are not strong. Therefore, it doesn't react to my and cause blotches or more spots! Some products smell like something I would wipe the side of the kitchen with - rather than my face! However, this roll-on zapper was invisible. I apply it to spots that have just appeared and reapply everynight. It get's rid of them in around 2 days! I tried applying it to spots that have been there for a while and it didn't have the same effect. The only thing I question is the the roll-on tip. Is it hygienic? Let me know in the comments what you think!
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