Before all my posts are published, I write all my new ideas in a notebook - I just love writing lists! I develop my ideas further by planning what photos to take, how I'd edit it and when I would do all of this. This is the same for my YouTube videos too! I spend a lot of time getting inspiration from magazines and Tumblr. I try to write my posts beforehand, and schedule them for the future. Unfortunately, I have moments where I do last minute writing (I hate it so much!). You can really tell a difference between planned and rushed posts.

I usually use my iPhone or camera to take my images. I'm not that happy with my camera and currently trying to save up for a Canon, which is hard being a 16 year old girl who works once a week - I'll get there! In my bedroom I have the 'white theme' going on, so I use my furniture and wall as my background. I love minimalism and simplistic shots. I use natural lighting AKA the sun. If it's not shining through my windows, I like finding places outside and in town, it always makes photos look more creative and the lighting is great - wooh! I probably take 13583903 photos and upload two that I think are the best.

For the editing part, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 or if I want to do a quick, simple post I'd use PicMonkey (it's really easy and free!). I don't do that much editing or adding effects as it washes away colours. But I like cropping, making collages or increasing brightness/shadows. Auto correct is a lifesaver the get washed out colours back. I'm thinking of doing a 'Before and After' post which shows my edits very soon!

Do you have anything you live by when writing your posts?
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