Back in April 2009, I made my first YouTube channel - yep, I was 11 years old. My videos are still on there but for my eyes only. I'll save the embarrassment for the future... or never? As I hit teen years A.K.A the awkward stage. I stopped making videos, especially when everyone from high school had found them. The past two years I've been trying to get back in to it again, just because I really enjoy editing. But I get nervous and private them - oops.

HOWEVER! I've left school now and I have nothing to do for 9 weeks or no one to hide from so... I'm going to try and start making videos again. I'll probably make a range of videos from Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. I really enjoy editing and making so why not? I've linked the photo above or you can click HERE to go to my channel.

If you'd like to, it'd be nice if you could subscribe! Thank you :)
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