Kylie Jenner: a professional selfie taker with a grungey style and dip-dyed hair making me green with envy. Her simplistic, black and white style is major! Already, I am obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians but they need to move over and watch out for the Jenners. With Kylie's style taking over: clearly making everyone want to cut their hair to their shoulders (you know you're tempted). I want to dye my ends greeny-blue if I could pull it off! 

Inspired by Kylie:
  • Nude Colours
  • Big Lips
  • Lots of Lashes
  • Natural Cheeks 
  • Green Dip-Dye
  • Short Hair Cut
  • Black Nails
  • Black Bags
  • Shirt Around Waist
  • Monochrome

But seriously, I've picked out these photos for inspiration. Her outfits, makeup and selfies are on point. She most likely has a professional hair-stylist and make-up artist but a bit of inspiration won't do any harm! I am obsessed! If I could have anything, it would be Kylie's wardrobe, eye make up, lipstick and selfie-taking skills without a doubt :)
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