It's that time of the year - where my hair is completely destroyed, the ends are frizzy and it is extremely dry! I hate it! I've been looking for different hair oils to test and picked up this hair oil - This One Light Hair Oil. I have never heard of this brand before, but I was in need of a cheap (it only cost £5!) and working hair oil!

I came across the product in Superdrug and it stood out more than the others as it said to be a 'Light, nourishing smoothing and shine enhancing hair oil.' and was voted in Closers Top 3 Tried and Tested Hair Oils! The fact that the bottle had said the word 'Light' made me prefer it more than the others, I just wanted the oil to fix my hair, rather than make it greasy - that's a no no!

The products is made with a blend of exotic oils, such as: Moroccan Argan Oil, Brazilian Pequi Oil and Jojoba Oil. I have used this oil for two weeks now and there is already a MASSIVE difference in my hair! I apply it to the ends of my hair, after I have come out of the shower/bath (it's better when it is damp) and then I blow dry it. This product has left my hair shiny, healthy, softer and there is now less frizz.

Since I have been using this, I have been asked many times around school "Have you cut your hair?" So this shows that it leaves my hair with the JUST-BEEN-CUT-NICE-FRESH look! Which don't we all wish after a hair cut that it looked and felt that way - all the time? I would rate the THIS ONE Light Hair Oil a 10/10 - purely for the fact that the price is astoundingly cheap and it's changed my hair in a good and big way.
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