As I was wondering around town trying to find something, which I wasn't quite sure of yet, to buy with my Christmas money. I decided to buy a new blush for my collection of Mac Makeup. For a couple of months I decided to drop the blush on my cheeks, but I have been using it a lot more in this weather to give a more flushed, warm look in this cold weather. I was looking for a matte, rosy pink, natural blush. After, gawping around House of Fraser at the beautiful products in front of me I decided to go for the Desert Rose Matte Powder Blush, it was £18 - but totally worth it!

I am really happy with my purchase. With this blusher I only need one brush across the pan and it gives me a natural, rosy look which makes me look a lot more healthier. Depending how you prefer or how much you wear you can change the tone to light or dark. However, you can't look like a clown! It is well pigmented, matte (which is a bonus) I absolutely hate blushers with glitters and shimmers, I don't want to look like a vampire sparkling in the sunlight!

I found that it didn't need retouching throughout the day, it only faded slightly. it is wearable on all skin tones, the packaging is the usual simple MAC plastic pot with clear lid and contains 6g of product. It didn't irritate my skin, the formula is great.

I really like this product and would give it a 5/5. I definitely recommend this shade or even MAC blushes to anyone

What blush do you use?
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