Last Sunday, 24th February, I traveled down to London with my mum and went to the London Fashion Weekend. We had got VIP, Front Row Catwalk Trend Show tickets from VIP. After travelling for 3 hours on the train, in the quiet zone, it was like hell for me and two woman sat in front eating making the most annoying sounds! Eugh!

The trends show was amazing! I was sat in the first seat on the front row! The first trend was Graphic Art: which was the monochrome theme.. The colours were bright mixed with darks and there was lots of satchels on the runway which Topshop now sell and I love them!

Urban Lifestyle: Mixing the urban with everyday things, like the Barclays bike on the runway! And stick on mustaches!

Eastern Promise: this trend was really elegant, definitely something you would wear on holiday! I loved this trend and the little umbrellas and flowing dresses!

Dolls House:  Girly and Chic!

The Finale of all the trends! Get some inspiration! 

  I also watched an interview with Fashion Blogger from Fashion Foie Gras, it was really inspiring and give me lots of tips for my own blog! I have a video too if anyone wants to watch!

Lastly, the freebies. They wasn't as good as expected but heres what I got.. Ive not actually used any of the face cremes or sprays, once I do ill give review on them soon! I tried the Elizabeth Arden Face Moisturizer and it really worked on my skin to make it more healthier after using it once, so Ill carry on using that!

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