On Wednesday 20th February during the half term holidays I did the 'Believe Tour Workshop' which was dance classes with 4 of Justin Bieber's dancers. I was there from 4pm to 10pm!  It was really great to take Nick Demouras, Shaun Evaristo, Johnny Erasme and Jonathon Rabon's class. I always finish workshops and wish I could take classes like that everyweek!

Me and Nick Demoura 
Shaun Evaristo's class
Johnny Erasme's Class 

I also had a photoshoot for Vimto, it was lots of fun and lots of waiting, pretending to have a bbq when it was minus 1 degrees wasnt fun, and being in my school uniform in the holidays.. 

I also went to London Fashion weekend which I did my last post about!

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