What Is It Like Living In Manchester City Centre?

Gifted stay with The Trilogy Manchester

After always living in the suburbs of Manchester, I couldn't wait to experience living in the centre of the city. I packed my bags and stayed the night at the The Trilogy Manchester apartments, here are some of my favourite things about being in the city...

1) Finding the perfect apartment will make your experience a whole lot better (duh!). The on-site amenities at The Trilogy were amazing! I was greeted by the 24 hour concierge who keeps the building feeling safe and a creates positive atmosphere. They had an up-to-date gym with the necessities for a quick workout session. I also loved the communal kitchen/workspace area which had a free coffee machine and the outdoor space for everyone's four legged friends. The decor around the building was so pinterest-esque giving me major room inspo (and lots of places to take my insta photo's).

2) When you can travel to everywhere in the centre in minutes, you end up doing way more than you usually would. The Cornbrook tram stop was 2 minutes from the apartment, so I think in a day we ended up jumping on about 6 times. I even got to St Peters Sq for 7:30am on a Saturday morning and filmed a dance video, I never would have been able to do that! 

3) There is always something to do. You are surrounded by restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, shopping centres, museums, cinemas, parks... you name it. I went for brunch at The Alchemist (would highly recommend 'The Veggie'), back to the apartment for a freshen up then out to Junkyard Golf for a fun game, good music and cocktails full of sweets. You have no excuses for being bored.

4) The Deliveroo options are the BEST! If you don't fancy cooking or leaving the apartment, you can order your food and the concierge will deliver it right to your door. On Friday evening we opted for 'The Big Manc' burger from Solitas, after a good 20 minutes of deciding where to eat from because the options were endless.

5) It's so easy to socialise and meet new friends as well! The Trilogy management host a social gathering every Friday in the residents lounge where you can eat pizza, drink beer and chat to other's in your building. They even arrange pop up events! So far, the residents have been treated to street food from local restaurants, wine tasting, free doughnuts on donut day and a coffee morning before work. I spotted their next cocktail masterclass with The Alchemist taking place soon.

After getting a flavour of what it was like living at The Trilogy, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place to rent in Manchester.

If you would like to find out more information visit: https://thetrilogy-manchester.co.uk/

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