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Sunset by Australasia is hands down, the most instagrammable restaurant in Manchester at the moment. Not only does it have stunning, floral backdrops, pink decor and fairlights covering the ceiling. They also serve delicious Asian food and drinks. I visited on Monday for lunch to catch up with a friend.

We ordered the Vegan Bento Box (£15) and the Premium Bento Box (£25) then shared the two between us. You can also order one of them to share which includes 15 pieces rather than 9. Plus two cocktails from their wide range of drinks.

Pictured above is the Premium Bento Box, there was a mix of different dishes including black cod, BBQ beef fillet, scallop, and tuna tartare. As someone who is usually scared of new foods and only really eats chicken... I enjoyed trying all of the different flavours and they were so yummy. Of course, I love the chicken skewers and the 'yum yum squares' (fried rice squares with spicy tuna and avocado).

The 100% vegan bento box includes exotic vegetables, tofu and salads. It tasted just as good as the premium box. One of my favourites was the deep friend enoki mushrooms and broccoli which was luckily served in both boxes. I also tried sushi rolls for the first time which were delicious. 

I spotted the Dessert Bento Selection on the menu but we were too full to eat anymore. So I will be back to give the dessert dishes a try. You can find what else Australasia has to offer by visiting their website here.

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