My Highlights of 2018

My most-liked Instagram photo of the year!
I have had such an amazing year, 2018 really did start off as one my favourite years so far. It's been full of surprises, up and downs, a lot of lessons have been learnt and I am thankful for a huge list of things...

I visited two new cities this year: Barcelona and Los Angeles. Both beautiful, sunny places (although, Barca was freezing cold when I went in January) and I am 100% going to go back to both of them. I still can't believe I actually stayed in LA for two months, it has been a dream of mine since I was 11 years old and I first started dancing. I never knew when I would have enough money to visit for two weeks, NEVER MIND TWO MONTHS! This feels like a really big achievement for me, especially as it's something not many people I know have the opportunity to do so I feel extremely lucky. 

I learnt how to drive and passed my test first time! Another achievement I am proud of, especially because I wasn't the most confident. I am still pretty confused how I managed to pass, but I am not complaining. At the beginning of the year, I also hit one million followers on Tik Tok, and now we're at 2.5 million, this is a HUGE milestone. Why do so many people want to follow me?

I experienced some new things: me and Ben test drove an electric car (and panicked all the way home that we were going to run out of battery on the motorway), went to a boxing match, a women's football game, my first festival, stayed in a castle and had a photoshoot in onesies for Invisalign. 

In California, I watched my first American basketball game (and Lebron James!). I danced at the studios I've been watching online for 489865678 years and also made it in to some class video's. I went to a Drake concert (who is my favourite!), walked down Rodeo Drive, went to Universal Studios, filmed a dance video at the Hollywood Sign, made it to the pop-up Grey's Anatomy museum before it closed, ate a cupcake from the cupcake ATM, had a latte with my name on it, walked down Melrose Ave everyday and met some amazing friends whilst I was out there. 

This year I also moved house with my family, we're still living in Manchester but a different part to where we have lived all of my life. My parents are always doing everything they can to make sure me and my brother are happy and living our best lives. I am extremely thankful!

I could be here for days writing about all my favourite memories. So I am probably going to post pictures on my Instagram story too. The last thing I want to say is how much I appreciate all of you reading this, liking my content and supporting me. It really does mean as much as we say it does! I hope everyone has an amazing new year! 

laurie-elle x
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