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I've decided to do a little chatty series on my blog, I love reading others and I find them fun to write so here we are. Starting with little pet peeves of mine - nothing too major and possibly quite funny. 

So let's begin. 

People who hog the pavement. 
If you don't know what I mean by this... basically, if there's a group of people walking on a pavement and someone is walking towards you, the normal thing to do is to step to one side so both of you can get past. To me, this is just basic etiquette and common sense. But I've noticed so many people don't do it!! The amount of times I have to walk on the road, in a puddle, in some mud or literally just stand there because people think they own the pavement is unreal. Why can't we both get to where want to be at the same time? 

When a company emails you, and you can tell they haven't really checked who they are contacting.
For example, quite recently I have been invited to so many little events in London or quite far away from Manchester. I am truly thankful for the invites and wish I could attend but these are usually things you'd only go if you lived in the area and definitely wouldn't spend £200 on train tickets for. Another example, is when you're 20 years old with a baby face and you get invited for a free facial lift with fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and the whole lot. Yep, this has happened multiple times and I have also been given the chance to get a free boob job. I'm quite happy with my small boobs, thanks! Also, if they had checked my posts - they'd know it is something I would NEVER write about or encourage. 

Getting ignored.
Whether it's a friend that won't contact you unless you message them first, someone that's in a mood and decides to give you the silent treatment or talking and getting completely blanked with no response. I've realised quite recently that this is probably the biggest thing that annoys me. If you're busy or don't want to talk then that is so cool but just let me know!! I'm not perfect and I have most likely done this too at some points during my life, but I know that I will ALWAYS apologise or have a reasonable excuse for not being there. 

Slow walkers.
Not too much of a serious pet-peeve. I just like to get to places quickly and easily and being stuck behind a slow walker really grinds my gears. Also, there's been too many times I have been awkwardly stuck walking right up someones bum because I have no way of getting past. Petition to get a slow walker lane, please and thanks.

When someone asks you something that you've told them 345678965 times.
Just listen? Wait, is this the same thing as being ignored? I did say it really annoys me.

Let me know in the comments one of your biggest pet peeves and if you relate to any of mine!

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