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colette by colette hayman manchester

Last week I attended a really fun bloggers event at the Colette by Colette Hayman store in the Manchester Arndale Centre. I'm sure you've spotted it before, but incase you haven't - you can find the shop on the bottom floor next to Van's. It's a place full of handbags and accessories for every occasion at really amazing prices!

colette by colette hayman manchester

One of the bags I opted for was the Bridget Med Backpack in nude. It also comes with a little pom pom keyring which you can remove or keep on. All of my backpacks are quite sporty so I wanted one that looked more fashionable to use daily. When I was packing my new bag the next day, it made me realise that I always have to have the same everyday bag essentials inside. This includes: 

My card holder or coin purse - I don't ever carry my big purse out anymore, I always find it takes up too much space in my bag and usually keeps things inside that I don't need. But definitely need something smaller to carry my cards and coins so they don't get lost in my bag.

A lip balm - I am not kidding when I say, every single bag and jacket I own has a different lip balm inside. That way whenever I am going out I always have one to use. I'm not about the dry lip life and because I'm useless at drinking enough water, it's needed!

A hand sanitiser - This is another one where I own quite a few to keep in different bags. I'm currently taking my driving lessons so I'm still using public transport, I don't want to be catching a different illness every week.

My glasses/sunglasses - Incase you didn't know, I actually have pretty bad eye sight so it's good to have my glasses in there for the times I can't read important signs or see someone and I'm not sure if their waving at me or someone else.

My phone and portable charger - As a blogger and normal person, I am always using my phone. So of course I need to bring along my charger or else it will run out of battery and I'll be stuck without my money, train tickets and Instagram! 

What are your everyday bag essentials?

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