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I asked on if there were any blog posts you guys would like to read and the majority asked about my dance journey so I thought I would put together a blog post with my most asked questions. Check to see if your question made it!

What's your favourite style of dance? - @juiceellie

I love street, hip-hop and commercial dancing the most. Probably because I have trained in these styles the longest but also because I really love the types of music with these styles. And there isn't really a 'technique' so I like that you can be free and add unique style.

When did you start dancing? - @amymichelle_10

I took my first dance class when I was 3 years old which was like a drama school where you do ballet and tap. That school closed down so I took ball-room and disco classes at a local dance school where my friends from school went to, that was really fun but not my style. I then found Sunshine Studio's in Manchester when I was 11 and took my first street class and have been training ever since! I recently did my first year at Shockout Arts university too which was amazing as I was able to dance everyday is all dance styles like ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre and commercial.

Where is your favourite place to dance and why? - @itsdmvruiz

Of course, I love to dance in a dance studio and take open classes at my local studio in Manchester, Studio 25. There's no pressure to be perfect, it's all fun and practice! I also really love going to dance camps during the Summer because it's the best way to get intensive training and meet other dancers. You can also do some travelling and go on holiday at the same time! If you're interested in this, you should look at Journey Dance Camp where you can travel around Thailand or China whilst taking dance classes and exploring the country at the same time! It sounds like an amazinggggg experience.

Do you dance in a group? - @gianna_20.08.2004

No, the last time I was in a dance group was when I was probably 14.

What's your favourite dance song? - @mila.ly_ 

One of my favourite things about dancing is the music, I really love music and when there's a good song I enjoy dancing even more. I especially love dances with insane musicality! I would say my music style is hip-hop, RnB and pop. Although, I can pretty much dance to anything!

What's your favourite dance outfit? - @bxby.panxz

As most of my followers know, I like to wear a lot of crop tops with joggers. But I do also own a gazillion pairs of black leggings but I prefer to wear them with a baggy top. I HATE wearing vest tops or tops without sleeves, I have pretty skinny lanky arms and it does not go very well haha!

How did you get the idea of doing dance videos? - @hannahhassan.m

I joined last year as my brother made an account. I noticed that there was a few dancers on there and obviously I could film videos without being copyrighted so I thought I would give it a go. I also wasn't at any dance studios or companies at the time and I didn't have much training so I would watch a lot of YouTube videos and learn dances in my bedroom so decided to share some dance covers online.

Thank you so much to everyone that sent some questions in, and for almost 2,000,000 followers on - that's insane!

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