Making Changes

I've had to make a pretty big decision in my life, one of those decisions that can leave you feeling a range of emotions. I have spent days questioning, is this the right choice? Am I going to regret it? But after all the worry and stress, I think I have 100% done the best thing for me right now.  
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If you didn't know, this September I went back to university to begin my second year. After being back for a month. I started to question whether going to uni was the right thing for me. I studied professional and commercial dance and I really loved the course - I was able to dance from 8:30 - 6 everyday (although I did actually complain about the times a hell of a lot) but it's always been a dream of mine, since I was a kid to dance full time, all day everyday! 
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So I guess you are thinking, why would she quit?

Well, during the summer (I always have the most amazing break) I have more time to concentrate on the work I do for my blog, Youtube, Instagram etc. Meaning I get to attend more events, accept more collaborations and just generally put a lot more effort in to the work I produce rather than rushing it after uni. And this summer was a really productive one, I was able to do quite a few jobs and was recognised for my dancing - which has also been a big dream of mine. 
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Going back to university after the break and having to turn down opportunities, that so many people would love to do, after being able to say yes, to so many cool things, got me thinking. I can always go back to university to study, but I'm not always going to get chances like these and I need to grab them whilst I can and see where this journey takes me. 
I still have the biggest passion for dance and I'm going to incorporate it a lot more in to my posts. Especially on YouTube and where I can post my own dance videos. I'm feeling really happy that I've made the right choice - even though there's a worry about the future in the back of my head. I think everyone of a similar age will be thinking like that from time to time.

I just thought I'd write a post to share what's happened in my life at the moment. And to let you know to expect a lot more blog posts from me from now on. If you have any ideas of what you would like me to write about then let me know! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube too!

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