Summer Skincare Routine 2017*

I have switched up my skincare routine since last summer so I decided to write a more up to date post including some of my Summer Skincare favourites from Skin Laundry, Beauty Pie, By Terry and Glam Glow...

Skin Laundry Nourishing Cleansing Oil // £26 - I use this cleansing oil in the evening to remove my makeup. It easily removes all my makeup including waterproof products! It also softens, conditions, hydrates and nourishes the skin which makes it 100x better than using makeup wipes. If you're still using wipes, why and how?!

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum // £46 - This product is amazing for restoring and improving the overall appearance of your skin, including skin brightness, smoothness, tone, texture and elasticity. I don't use this every night, it's more of a product I use when I'm having a bad skin day. It includes different antioxidants, vitamins and peptides that make it one of the best night serums I have used!

By Terry Cellularose Hydra-Éclat Rich Care // £68 - This face cream is suitable for people with combination and dry skin. I love the rose scent which is strange as this used to be my least favourite fragrance. This rich balm is used to hydrate, regenerate and radiate the skin, it leaves my face feeling soft and fresh. However, I have found that I can't use this everyday because it is too strong and sometimes causes breakouts. I would usually use this every other day and switch up my moisturisers in between.

Glamglow Supermud Mask // £39 - I was really excited to try out this mud mask after hearing so many good reviews about it. There are different masks from Glamglow for a variety of treatments. Supermud is used to 'tackle blemishes, breakouts and ingrown hairs, whilst visibly tightening skin’s texture and pores.'. I probably use this product once every other week as it is really powerful on the skin. I've found that it tingles when applying it which really makes it feel like it is doing something. You also don't have to use much of product, a little goes a long way.

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme 5 Minute Facial // £5.86 - This product is the best if you're wanting to treat your face quickly. You simply massage the cream on to your face and neck, leave for 5 minutes then wash it off using warm water. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and clean. Beauty Pie is a membership program that gives you unbranded makeup and skincare products for the factory cost. So this product should actually be £50!

*These products were kindly gifted to me. However, all views and opinions are my own and the products have been tested before writing about them.

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