Festival Edit - Soap & Glory Happy Glamper

This summer I have discovered this fabulous, pink festival survival kit, also known as the Soap & Glory Happy Glamper Kit. I thought I would do a little festival edit blog post showing you some of my fashion picks from Urban Bliss and the beauty essentials from S&G...
Inside the pink branded drawstring bag you will find mini beauty products that are perfect for keeping you fresh whilst at a festival and are the perfect size for carrying around in your backpack. As pictured above, there is a small Rushower Dry Shampoo and the Original Pink body spray - both which smell amazing!

Some other useful things included are the Off Your Face makeup wipes and Hand Maid hand cleansing gel - perfect for removing mud or massive amounts of glitter. A Sexy Mother Pucker matte-lip and Supercat eyeliner - two really popular Soap & Glory products. 

Last but not least, I got excited when I saw the Foldaway Brush and Glamorak - what's better than a polka-dotted shower proof? It's pink too!

Festival style usually consists of a pair of denim shorts and a raincoat, I found these two pieces from Urban Bliss. The most amazing gold raincoat which I am obsessed with! It would match perfectly with some gold glitter makeup and it's instagrammable (the most important factor - duh!).

You can find the Phoenix Mac here - http://weareurbanbliss.trade/product/phoenix-rain-mac-rose-gold-40jkt11466-2/

You can find the Cheryl Patch Hotpants here - http://weareurbanbliss.trade/product/phoenix-rain-mac-rose-gold-40jkt11466-2/

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