Skincare Routine with Caudalie Vine[Activ] // Review*

I've been trying to improve my skincare lately,  starting with upping the amount of water I drink and eating pretty; blueberries, avocado's and dark chocolate (obviously, not all together). I've also been trying out the Vine[Activ] collection from Caudalie and it's now part of my everyday routine...

After using the serum, eye cream, moisturiser and and detox oil I noticed a big difference in my skin, in just a week! My skin looked like it had a lot more of a healthy glow and is really smooth. I mostly noticed a difference when I applied my makeup and it looked 100x better than it normally did, everything just applied more flawlessly. 

The first product I use in my routine. This is a concentrated serum, packed with anti-oxidant polyphenols to help protect the skin from everyday aggressors. It also smooths signs of wrinkles and restores a healthy glow to the skin. 

After the serum has settled in to my skin, I use the eye cream which is great for sensitive skin. It alleviates dark circles and can be used around the eye and lip contour to keep you looking more awake.

After using the same moisturiser for months, I have now switched to this one. I love the scent of it and it's light weight so it doesn't feel too greasy on your face - fab for all skin types! It has been formulated to limit the quantity of pollutant particles deposited on the skin, visibly smoothing wrinkles and restoring its natural healthy glow. 

Lastly, this is the newest product of them all. It's also one that I don't use everyday but usually once a week. It's used to work on your skin whilst you sleep to repair and protect overtired skin.  The oil is infused with anti-oxidant grape-seed, regenerating rose hip, purifying neroli, soothing lavender and detoxifying carrot oils. Their website states that "100% of volunteers found their skin looked less tired"!

The aim of this collection is to renew and protect skin from stress, pollution, UV's and other free radicals. I spend a lot of time in the city centre of Manchester and around in public so I think this is perfect for me! It is also 'anti-wrinkle' which as an 18 year old, isn't as important to me. But I once remember going to a skin consultation and being told that it's best to start young before it's too late!

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