Valentines Day isn't a day celebrated in my house, but I will happily take any excuse to make cupcakes that are pink and decorated with edible roses and sparkles from Cake Angels. It's really not that important if you don't have anyone to share them with, because that just means that there is more for you :) Single or not, participating or not, it's nice to treat yourself. Here's 5 ways you can treat yourself...

1 // Bake some cupcakes or cookies - I used the Cake Angels Sprinkles and Decorations because they look pretty on camera, pink is also my favourite colour and sticking the Valentine's theme.

2 // Have a relaxing spa day at home - Use your favourite bath products and put on a face mask because that fixes everything!

3 // Read a book - take a break from your usual doings to read in quiet

4 // Go shopping - there's not much to say about this but shopping is always fun

5 //  Buy yourself some flowers and indulge in all the chocolate and sweets you can find! 


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