Some days I have moments where I feel really sluggish, I don't want to move from the fetal position and I'm really not up for talking to people. But luckily I get the motivation to sort myself out and make most of the day. I've found that exercising, listening to music, going for a walk and finding new places makes me feel the happiest. I put a list together of some of my favourite, simple but helpful ways to make yourself feel happier. 

1 // Drink water to keep your skin clear and mind happier

2 // Listen to your favourite music

3 // Eat healthy and get a good amount of sleep

4 // Exercise and wear clothes that you feel comfortable wearing! You can find the perfect gym wear here!

5 // Don't compare yourself to others. They don't live the same life as you

6 // Take lots of pictures and hang them up in your room

7 // Create and meet your goals

8 // Don't care what others think of you

9 // Do what you love and love what you do

10 // Celebrate everything, even the smallest accomplishments which might not be the same for someone else

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