I was on Twitter a couple of days ago and noticed a little argument between two YouTubers which had blown up massively as one girl had made a comment on another younger girls eyebrows (her eyebrows were completely natural and nothing was wrong with them!). It frustrated me a little as the past couple of weeks I kept shouting at myself (and my mum was nagging me too) because I was considering 'eyelash extensions' purely because I had seen other girls online with them and everyone thought their lashes were 'perfect'. It made me think about how much the internet isn't embracing natural beauty and self love but instead, big influencers are promoting boob jobs, lip fillers, eyelash extensions, fake tan and hair extensions. Why do girls need these? Why can't we be happy with what we have? And most importantly, why are some people trying to put others down based on their appearance?

I recently read a news article by the BBC which shows how the 'girls of Britain are becoming more unhappy'. Statistics by the Children's Society show that the figures of unhappiness have rose massively in the last 5 years and I am not shocked at all. So many girls look at Instagram photo's and think another girl has the 'perfect' hair but in real life, that girl is wearing hair extensions - it's not real! Makeup has also become a big trend with things like contouring and the most extreme coverage foundation to cover everything - I like to call this 'Instagram makeup' because in a photo it might look great, but in real life it's far too cakey and over the top. Makeup should be used to enhance your features, not change you completely! This is why the statistic '34% of girls aged 10-15 years old are unhappy with their appearance' didn't surprise me either, so many girls are using social media and following their 'favourites' but many of these influencers promote cosmetic ways to look 'better'. Why is there not more of us out there promoting self love, accepting yourself and body confidence?

I know a lot of people will say how makeup makes them feel better about themselves and they enjoy putting on makeup. Which I completely agree with as there is nothing better than getting ready before going out and being able to use your favourite eyeshadow, I always get ready far too early because I'm so excited. But isn't it wrong when people feel like they can't leave the house without a full face of makeup because they don't feel comfortable in their own skin? Isn't it wrong that people are commenting on each others appearance negatively?

Next time you feel like crap because you're not what the media percieve as 'perfect' just remember that there is no such thing and it is most likely fake and photoshopped!

Oh and I didn't get my eyelash extensions, I didn't want to fall in to the trap of being controlled by the media.

"Instead of wishing you were someone else, be proud of who you are!"

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  1. Couldnt put it any better myself.

  2. I try to promote self love on my blog, mainly because I feel writing the posts is kind of therapeutic for me as well! I definitely believe bloggers need to promote it more, as at the end of the day, you could have all the surgery you want, and still not be happy in yourself!

    Meg | Elmpetra

  3. I totally agree with all you've said. It's funny cause it has happened to me.. I love makeup and used to wear it everyday for work (I am a nurse). A very minimal look but that would make me look more awake, brighter and without dark circles or freckles.
    Many of my colleagues had never seen me without makeup and there was one day that I just got fed up of taking 20 min in the morning for a full face of makeup.
    So, the next day I went to work with "no makeup" - I applied a light layer of concealer to cover my dark circles, put some eyebrow gel on and mascara.
    When I got to work on colleague literally look at me and said "jesus you scared me! put some makeup on!"
    Yes, she was laughing to kind of make it less "intense" but I was really shocked. Yet, I smiled back at her and said "I don't feel like it".
    Bare in mind that although I am not a Gigi Hadid, I don't think or feel ugly without makeup. I feel as comfortable as I would if I was wearing makeup.
    Yet, after that comment, I did go to work with makeup for a few weeks. Not because of me but because of comments like that - not that it really made me upset, sad or insecure but I just don't want to hear things like that.

    Funny that I also had some that said "Lisa , I love your freckles! Why do you wear makeup?!" or "Lisa, you look better with no makeup on." but on that day and time, these did not really sink in but the bad one did.

    I guess this is all to say that people need to be more positive, promote self confidence as you say and leave these mean and stupid comments for themselves. People are beautiful either way - with or without makeup.

    I am sorry if this comment was to long or even confusing but I thought I would share. I loved your post and the idea behind it. Thank you <3


    1. I loved reading your comment, thank you for sharing! I totally agree with you 100% xx

  4. Those two girls couldn't have possibly been Gabbie and Eve, could it?😉😉 I agree with everything you've said though, and it's only been within the last few weeks that I've felt confident leaving the house without any foundation on. It's a shame, but at the end of the day that is just the power that social media can have on people's self image.


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