This month the Secret Scent Box was delivered to my house, it is a subscription box that makes it easier for you to discover new designer or branded perfumes. In the box this month I recieved the Armani Diamonds, Jimmy Choo Illicit Flower and Vera Wang Princess...

I think it's a great subscription box concept as it would be annoying to buy and order a £60+ perfume and then not really like it. This way you can discover new perfumes you might have never tried before or new releases! The three testers are enough to last you all month, this is cool as you could change up your personal scent every month. The little box is perfect for fitting through the letter box so if you're not at home, it can still be delivered and you won't have to wait. They also use designer brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein and Armani.

You can find out more information and order the subscription box from their website here

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