This summer, Original Source have introduced their new Shower Milk range which come in the most pretty pastel colours and scents. The range adds an extra moisturiser to make your skin feel even more hydrated and ready for the day. I've tried out all four of the shower gels and they are all as good as each other!

If I was to pick a ultimate favourite, it would have to be the Cherry & Almond Milk, it reminds me of a cherry bakewell and I love anything with Almonds! It's one of those scents that smells that good that you could eat it. Although, I don't think it would taste as good as it smells. There is also the Sweet Apple & Vanilla Milk which smells super fruity to wake you up in the morning. The new range also includes a Lime & Coconut Milk and Green Banana & Bamboo Milk. Both smelling exactly like what they say on the label. That's what I love about Original Source, they really do smell like what they say! Their bottles also go a long way as only a small amount is needed and it really lathers the body and foams. After my shower, I noticed my skin felt moisturised and hydrated, 

All of the products are made from real vegan milk extracts and 100% natural fragrances making them suitable for all my vegan friends out there. You can find them in Tesco for £2.20 or visit the Original Source website to find out more!

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