Eyebrows have slowly but surely become the new eyelashes, many girls can't leave the house without mascara and now so many of us can't leave the house without prepping our brows first. I like to keep my eyebrows looking natural but full and found that the Hi Impact Brows* palette is perfect for doing this! It is designed to give you salon perfect brows and it can be used as eyeshadow giving you the option to create endless looks with just the one palette.

I was sent this product and I have been using it for the last month (it's actually become my favourite eyebrow product!). I like to mix the last two shades together to make the perfect dark brown to match my eyebrows. The palette comes with it's own angled brush which is soft and really easy to use to create a natural look. 

The four shades included are: Ash, Spicy, Mocha and Charcoal. And as previously mentioned you can use the powders as eyeshadows too! I love palettes that can multitask because it makes it easier to take less things when travelling. You can also experiment with a variety of looks using the four shades.

I like to use the angled brush to fill in sparse areas of my eyebrows and make them appear fuller. I have also used the two lighter shades to create an everyday eyeshadow look and used the charcoal black as a soft eyeliner.

The packaging is minimal but sleek, and the perfect size to fit in my handbag incase I need to do any touch ups during the day. But to be honest, I haven't ever had to retouch my eyebrows yet!

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